Road to the Opens | Bassmaster

Road to the Opens - Table Rock

CLIENT: Bassmaster

3 professional fisherman and 1 photographer set out on a 3,000+ mile journey from Arizona to Missouri for the first round of the Bassmaster Open. We knew we had a small window of time to make it there so taking turns sleeping and driving throughout the two nights would be something we all agreed upon. Burning over 500 gallons of fuel between the two trucks and boats, we sure had an adventure to put down in the books.
From speeding tickets to premium road side BBQ stands in Oklahoma, 4 am wake up calls to go fishing and photographer naps on the boat I definitely got introduced to my first professional fishing tournament correctly. Though the week was a long one with shooting over 7,000 photos, it was an opportunity that I am glad I said yes to.

A huge thanks to Mitch Kistner, Robert Nakatomi, Patrick Spencer and Josh Bertrand for your hospitality and to Bassmaster for allowing me this opportunity and believing in our vision.