Tanner Yeager Tanner Yeager


I’m Tanner, I’ve always kind of been the random type. Growing up traveling the country as an amateur
BMX racer I was introduced that there was a larger world than only my small cowboy town in Arizona.
During high school I worked cattle ranches (got lost a few times), rode motorcycles, longboards and
practiced video and photo. I am just as creative in the city as I am in the middle of nowhere. I love searching for the perfect light and unique compositions.  I like to keep it diverse and roam in hope of a story that will interest me. After graduating high school, I worked in a copper mine in my hometown, soon realizing that if I didn’t acquire some different skills, I would be stuck working there my entire life. Once I got my first DSLR I was hooked and became obsessed with learning how to master my camera and light. 

I’ve seen a few things, much to still learn but I'm constantly searching for knowledge to lead me forward.