Tanner Yeager Tanner Yeager


I’m Tanner, I’ve always kind of been the random type. Growing up traveling the country as an amateur
BMX racer I was introduced that there was a larger world than only my small cowboy town in Arizona.
During high school I worked cattle ranches (got lost a few times), rode motorcycles, longboards and
practiced video and photo. I was usually running amuck, ditching classes with the rowdy ones, the
scrappy ones and then some female would lure me into the calmer crowds too. Not much has changed. I don’t really fit anywhere but somehow fit in everywhere. I like to keep it diverse and roam in hope of a story that will interest me. After graduating high school, I worked in a copper mine in my hometown, soon realizing that if I didn’t acquire some different skills, I would be stuck working that my entire life. I was hooked and became obsessed with learning how to master my camera and light. I met some great mentors and some not so great ones too (lessons were learned fast.)

When focused on something I will go all in, I bet it all. Go big or get the hell out of the caboose. Betting big and hoping for wins also come with loses. Loses can sidetrack us and tear us down but music... Music mends the soul and helps us rebuild. Music has pushed me to be myself, to explore life in this body/mind and appreciate the moments as they come and go. Music has helped me create and lately music has become my life.

I’ve seen a few things, much to still learn but I search. I search because I know if I stay still, I will be quick to get comfortable and take it for granted. I’ve been searching for reasons that keep me going, for someone or something to enlighten me to a more beautiful version of myself than what I could vision by the gridlock of my mind. I’ve met some lovers; some good friends and some fast times and rules were few. I’ve learned that experiences and family matter the most, so I chase that.

I’m not the most certain of where I’ll be in a few years but I know I'm going to try and vibe with it.