Tanner Yeager, a professional photographer and videographer, tours with country music stars and shoots the action at MX races. Today Tanner is busy learning the many roles within his creative field, with the ultimate goal of being a director of documentaries. Tanner, grew up in Globe working on ranches and racing dirt bikes. His father worked for the local Police department and Tanner aspired to be a first responder. A self-described hyper kid, Tanner wanted to take photography in high school, but couldn’t get a referral into the program. “This kid won’t go anywhere,” one of his teachers wrote.

Since then, Tanner has traveled to 46 states in the union photographing rodeos, motorbike races, country music stars and desert landscapes. Denied access to the photography program at GHS, Tanner worked on the high school newspaper and took a media class.

After some time in Scottsdale during the pandemic, Tanner is back in Nashville, where the opportunities are bigger. The challenge, he says, is finding the people that he really wants to work with and inspire him.

“In motocross I found my little group of people,” Tanner says. “Now I want to find other people that fit with my lifestyle and I want to tell their story as they go through their journey of their artistry as a musician.”

Through it all, Tanner considers Globe and Arizona his home base.

“I wouldn’t be in country music if I had not grown up in a country town,” says Tanner. “That cowboying and rodeo stuff, and mining and all of it... it definitely sculpted who I am.”



  • Red Bull

  • Fender Guitars

  • KTM North America

  • Husqvarna 

  • Honda

  • Special Olympics

  • X-Games

  • Fly Racing

  • Fox Moto

  • Bell Helmets

  • Bar S Hotdogs

  • Iron & Air Magazine

  • Rockstar Energy

  • Rigid Industries

  • Lee Brice

  • Michael Ray

  • Midland

  • Carly Pearce

  • William Clark Green


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